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What our employees say…

We think it is important to hear from those who work with us and make our products. Without their work, nothing would happen and without our customers, their would be no work. At Oasis Coffins, we seek to ensure that all our customers get quality care and attention and in doing so are able to offer quality employment in an area of Bangladesh where it is crucially needed.

With Fair Trade Fortnight in the UK and International Women’s Day upon us, we have asked a few of our employees what their job means to them.

“The good relationships at Oasis create a safe environment for us women. We trust the men that we work with and the men we report to. We know we are in safe hands.”

“I feel safe working at Oasis because I know where the emergency exits are and how to respond during a fire. The monthly safety drills are very helpful.” – Rokeya, a female production staff at Oasis

“Oasis is a good employer because I am able to trust the people in the office. Trust is very important.” – Joya, one of our female production staff members