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Ensuring Quality – Independent Testing

Oasis Coffins is a proud member of the Funeral Suppliers’ Association (FSA) and is pleased to be a part of the launch of the new coffin certification scheme.

As with many trade associations, the FSA will not be known to many, although has been in existence since 1939. The aim of the Association is to ensure quality goods are produced and dependable high standards are maintained within the profession. As part of this role to champion quality, a new scheme has been developed to ensure all coffins sold by FSA members are fit for purpose and of high quality.

At a time when families are looking to celebrate a loved-one’s life, choices are important and there has been a growth in alternative coffins. Bamboo, willow, seagrass and other materials have become popular choices and with new innovations within the sector, the need for quality is important. Whilst some may like the idea of tradition, others are embracing the new options. For us as a manufacturer of alternative coffins, it is important that any questions over woven coffins are addressed. As an active and recognised fair trade business, we take our duty to care seriously and welcomed the move by the FSA to introduce rigorous tests. With the main organisations which represent crematoria on board, a system is in place to push quality forward.

Having now had all our woven coffins tested, we are proud to say they have all passed and we will shortly start stamping our coffins with the new approval mark.

For more information on FSA or to see our approval results, please visit the FSA website